How can you influence negative feelings?

Most people have the ability to turn negative feelings into positive ones. Positive words can help with this. As well as thinking about and magnifying pleasant situations that have been experienced. Setting a goal, no matter how small, also helps. However, there are situations where it is difficult to transform negative feelings into positive ones. […]

Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatism

Colloquially, rheumatoid arthritis is often used when talking about rheumatism. But rheumatism is a collective name for a large number of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatism can be divided into three groups: inflammatory rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism and wear-and-tear rheumatism or osteoarthritis. This article briefly describes the different types of rheumatism. The treatment and […]

Swollen lymph nodes: cause enlarged & painful nodes

Do you suffer from swollen lymph nodes or painful glands? Swollen lymph nodes are a common complaint. Lymph is a colorless to yellowish body fluid that flows through the lymphatic system. Lymph’s job is to remove bacteria and certain types of proteins from tissues, to transport fat from the small intestine, and to supply the […]

Skin growths with an increased risk of skin cancer

Some skin conditions carry an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Some skin abnormalities are also a pre-cancerous stage. The patient may or may not have symptoms associated with the skin abnormality(s). Long-term exposure to the sun is the cause of many skin lesions, but other risk factors are also known. The doctor often removes […]

Benign skin growths with mild to severe symptoms

A number of skin conditions cause benign growths in the skin that cause mild to severe symptoms and discomfort. Some examples of this are cherry-red blood vessel growths or a keratoacanthoma. The symptoms and treatments are different. The doctor often determines the nature of the skin lesion by removing a piece of tissue. In addition, […]

Does a lack of phosphorus mean the end of humanity?

Global environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect, the depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain or the deforestation of the tropical rainforest, are known to all of us. However, the impending lack of phosphorus, the mass is unknown. International experts warn of an impending end of this chemical element without any alternatives. Phosphorus is […]

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