Hyperpigmentation: Dark spots in the skin

Melanin is responsible for hair and skin color. Hyperpigmentation results from the overproduction of melanin in certain areas of the skin, causing them to appear darker than the natural skin color. Sun exposure, hormones and infection are some risk factors for the appearance of these darker spots on the skin. Hyperpigmentation itself is not a […]

Psoriasis: Chronic skin disease with dry skin and flakes

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease in which the patient’s skin is inflamed and flaking. Nail abnormalities are also common with the skin condition. Symptoms usually occur in younger patients, although they can occur at any age. Some triggering factors worsen the complaints or cause the symptoms to appear. The diagnosis of the autoimmune […]

DisneyBounding: A clothing style for Disney lovers

Disney is a brand known all over the world. The Walt Disney Company is the largest animated film distributor and has ensured that most children grow up with cartoon characters. It is clear that Disney has many fans. You can express this by buying cuddly toys, films or art of your favorite Disney characters, but […]

Facial gymnastics – Fitness for the face

As you get older you get wrinkles. And that’s not a bad thing at all. Wrinkles partly determine the character of our face. You can have the wrinkles removed by injecting Botox or by lifting the entire face, but in most cases the face also loses some of its character. We better accept the wrinkles […]

Joint complaints: healthy weight and a good lifestyle

A common question from people with a joint disorder, such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis, is whether the joint complaints they have can also be caused by diet or excess weight. Because the complaints can sometimes differ from day to day, it sometimes seems that the complaints are related to the food. Nutrition and obesity often […]

Yoga poses – ardha chandrasana (half moon pose)

Ardha chandrasana (half-moon pose) is an excellent exercise to keep the leg muscles strong and flexible. The hips and knees also remain flexible and trained. This yoga pose is dedicated to Chandra, the young, handsome moon god in Hinduism. Ardha chandrasana has quite a few variations, and in the initial phase it is advisable to […]

Skin cancer: Malignant skin growths and skin tumors

Most forms of skin cancer are caused by prolonged or intense sun exposure. The elderly are particularly affected, although melanoma is an exception. Some skin lesions change in shape, number, color and edge. In many cases this points towards skin cancer. The skin tumor develops gradually or quickly and may or may not spread quickly. […]

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